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Prayed for 3 times

please pray for me to stay connected to the church family and grow in my faith and keep me healthy so I can serve.



Prayed for 3 times

please pray for my brother-in-law Sal. He’s in Stonybrook right now he has pneumonia and other things I was just told he’s gone septic I know that’s not good. He’s been battling cancer for years.



Prayed for 6 times

Please pray for two brothers from Mexico Christian Children's Home, Daniel and Juan Pablo, who are away from the Home trying to gain custody of their niece, who was abandoned at birth, and it is not looking hopeful. Pray also for their return to the Children's Home.



Prayed for 4 times

Please pray for Monica, a missionary we support at Mexico Children's Home. She needs to have surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst and financially it is difficult for them. Her husband said "We thank God that she is not experiencing pain at this time, but her doctor said she will need to schedule the surgery sooner than later. This is a concern of ours since we have yet to finish paying the loans from the medical/hospital bills from her pancreatitis. Because we cannot afford medical insurance, we have to pay for the surgery up front with cash (or credit card). The estimated cost of the needed surgery is now $7,000 to $8,000 American dollars"



Prayed for 5 times

Please pray for my grandson Kane, he has bad colic which is causing him much discomfort. Pray God gives Kaitlyn and Matt strength and comfort as he hopefully grows out of this.



Prayed for 13 times

Please pray for Jesse. He was brought to the hospital today after a very serious episode that could have been fatal. Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom on what triggered the event.



Prayed for 11 times

Please lift up Jacob Brenna in prayer.



Prayed for 10 times

Please pray for my health. Doctors cant figure out what I have. Each week I am getting worse. It is very upsetting



Prayed for 17 times

Please pray for the family and friends of Bill Ciechanowski who passed peacefully in his sleep yesterday morning, Sept. 26.



Prayed for 14 times

I am very ill. Please pray for miraculous healing. Thank you. -Laura



Prayed for 17 times

Please pray for my nephew, Brian Piper. He just completed chemo/radiation for Stage 4 throat cancer. His throat is so raw from the treatments that he hasn't been able to eat or drink. He is now in the hospital with pneumonia, and he is malnourished. Please pray for God's healing, and that Brian will turn his life over to Christ.


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