Join the Stellar VBS Team and blast off into space with us!

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will leave a lasting impact on young hearts? We're calling you to join us in creating an unforgettable Vacation Bible School (VBS) experience at Stellar VBS! There are exciting serving roles available, where you can make a difference in the lives of our little astronauts. Find the perfect role that suits your talents and passions:

1. Crew Leaders:

As a Crew Leader, you'll guide your crew members through activities, facilitate discussions, and join in the VBS fun! No preparation is required—just come ready each day to be a friend, helper, and encourager to the children. Engage them in discussions, offer choices, ask thought-provoking questions, and support the Station Leaders. Your role is pivotal in creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.

2. Imagination Station Leaders and Helpers:

Let your imagination soar as an Imagination Station Leader or Helper! Familiarize yourself with the helpful materials in the Imagination Station Leader manual and get hands-on experience with the awe-inspiring science fun gizmos. Use your imagination to explore the wonderful world of space. Lead children through jaw-dropping discoveries and exciting experiments, fostering their curiosity and love for learning. 

3. Kid-Vid Cinema Leader and Helpers:

Step into the Kid-Vid Cinema and guide children through the inspiring Kid-Vid stories. Greet crews as they arrive, share the video of the day, lead group discussions, and explore the Bible verse of the day. This role allows you to connect with children on a deeper level, helping them understand and apply the lessons they learn through captivating storytelling.

4. Sound Boozers:

If you're a tech enthusiast, the Sound Boozers role is perfect for you! Put on your techie hat and ensure that the opening songs of worship play smoothly, mics are working flawlessly, and the Kid-Vid is running seamlessly during that station. Your attention to detail and passion for technology will enhance the VBS experience for all participants.

5. Galactic Snacks Leaders and Helpers:

Do you have a flair for culinary delights? Join the Galactic Snacks team and make snack time an unforgettable experience for the crews. Gather food and kitchen supplies, set up the snack preparation area, and ensure that crews can relax and enjoy special befriending time while savoring tasty treats. Your hospitality and attention to detail will make snack time a highlight of each day.

6. All-Star Games Leaders and Helpers:

Let the games begin! Help build enthusiasm for Operation Kid to Kid, our mission project. Each day includes a game option that connects to the mission project, and as an All-Star Games Leader or Helper, you'll lead crews in the fun-filled sessions of All-Star Games. Watch their excitement soar as they participate in thrilling games that reinforce the VBS themes.

7. Spotlight VBS Crew:

Unleash your photography and computer skills as part of the Spotlight VBS Crew. Create a super cool photo presentation for each day of VBS, capturing the magical moments and memories that will last a lifetime. Your creative talents will help us showcase the stellar experiences of our young explorers.

8. Stellar Bible Adventures Leaders and Helpers:

Transport children back to Bible times as a Stellar Bible Adventures Leader or Helper. Lead them through interactive learning activities that make the Bible stories come alive. With your guidance, these adventures will leave a lasting impression on their hearts, deepening their understanding and love for God's Word.

9. Cosmic Dancers:

Are you a dance enthusiast or a natural performer? Join the Cosmic Creatures of the Dance or Blast Off Leaders and lead kids in several songs each day. Learn the super symbol stellar songs and motions, and participate in leading songs at the cosmic closing each day. Your energy and enthusiasm will create a vibrant atmosphere of praise and worship.

10. Decorating:

Do you love to decorate? We will need help the week before VBS to decorate the church so it's out-of-this-world.


Love to grill or connect with others? We need all hands on deck as we invite all the kids and their families back to NCC on Saturday, August 12th for a community BBQ! We will have free food, inflatables, and tons of fun as we connect with the kids and parents of our community. 

We invite you to play a vital role in creating a faith-filled, engaging, and memorable VBS experience for our children. 

To sign up for a serving role click the button below. Together, let's ignite the cosmic adventure of Stellar VBS and make a lasting impact on the lives of our young explorers!